Title: Appraisal of the Campaign Strategies of Muhammadu Buhari's and Atiku Abubakar's Media Organizations in the 2019 Presidential Election
Author(s): Chikwudi OKPOWHOR, Prof. Godwin B. OKON, & Barigbon G. NSEREKA, Ph.D.
Abstract: This study was informed by the need to comparatively appraise the campaign strategies of the media (campaign) organizations of Muhammadu Buhari and Atiku Abubakar. The study is anchored on the Framing Theory. Its population comprised all the registered voters of Rivers State put at 3,215,273. Moreso, a sample size of 385 was drawn using Raosoft; an online sample size calculator. The survey design was adopted for the study. The multistage sampling technique was used to draw respondents from the headquarters of the three senatorial districts of Rivers State. The questionnaire was the instruments for data collection. Data were presented and analysed using tables, percentage and weighted mean score on a four-point Likert scale. To this end, findings showed that electorate identified the candidates’ catch phrases – “Next level” (368 or 96.2%) and Atikulated (372 or 100%). It was also revealed that for Buhari (107 or 28.8%) and television (113 or 30.4%) for Atiku. In this vein, the study among other positions concluded that although all candidates in elections adopt strategies, only painstakingly researched strategies lead to victory in elections. The study therefore recommends that there is the need for campaign organizations to have a robust media research unit. This will not only help the campaign organizations to carefully develop campaign messages but will also help in monitoring and evaluating over time the strengths and weaknesses of the campaigns. With these updates of strategies campaign organizations can take cognizance of prevailing realities and address them as well.
Keywords: Atiku, Buhari, Campaign, Campaign Organization, Campaign Strategy

Dr. (Mrs) Agatha Orji-Egwu


Kenneth Adibe Nwafor, Ph.D


Dr. (Mrs) Ifeyinwa Nsude

Barr. H. N. Aligwe, Ph.D

Elem Stephen, Ph.D

Simon Ezaka, Ph.D


Jonathan E. Aliede, Ph.D