Title: Representation of Alcohol and its Gendering in Nollywood Films
Author(s): Omoniyi Felix AKINKOYA & Dele ODUNLAMI
Abstract: This study examined the depiction of alcohol and its gendering in selected Nollywood films. Its theoretical base is social construction of reality theory. It employed content analysis research method with coding sheet as instrument to code 20 films as sample size from a population frame of forty films from Best of Nollywood (BON) Awards over an eight year period between 2009 and 2016. The 20 films were selected using simple random sampling technique. Descriptive statistics and inferential t-test were employed for the analysis. This study revealed that there is equalisation of alcohol use based on gender as depicted in the selected films. Equalising the depiction of substance usage for the both genders has consequences for the younger female generation who might develop the disposition that using the substance like the male folk is a safe practice. Nollywood is projecting an alcohol drinking society with the portrayal of alcohol beverages far outweighing nonalcoholic beverages. Nollywood professionals should project the social reality of male drinking dominance rather than equalising both genders on their alcohol consumption parity. It was also recommended that stakeholders in the Nigeria film industry should construct the appropriate reality about alcohol and limit its high frequency in their production.
Keywords: Representation, Films, Alcohol, Gender, Nollywood

Dr. (Mrs) Agatha Orji-Egwu


Kenneth Adibe Nwafor, Ph.D


Dr. (Mrs) Ifeyinwa Nsude

Barr. H. N. Aligwe, Ph.D

Elem Stephen, Ph.D

Simon Ezaka, Ph.D


Jonathan E. Aliede, Ph.D